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Module for the Asterisk open source PBX which allows you to use the Flite voice synthesis engine to render text to speech.

Flite For Asterisk provides the "Flite" dialplan application, which allows you to use the Flite TTS Engine with Asterisk. This module invokes the Flite TTS engine locally, and uses it to render text to speech. It supports voice selection and 8kHz or 16kHz sample rates to provide the best possible sound quality along with the use of wideband codecs. It works with asterisk 1.6.x or later.


Asterisk header files
Flite 1.4 libraries and header files


To build just type the following in the app-Flite folder
$ make
$ make install

To install the sample configuration file, issue the following command after the 'make install' command:
$ make samples


Flite(text[,intkeys]) This will invoke the Flite TTS engine, send a text string, get back the resulting waveform and play it to the user, allowing any given interrupt keys to immediately terminate and return the value, or 'any' to allow any number back.

Asterisk dialplan example:
;Flite Demo
exten => 1234,1,Answer()
exten => 1234,n,Flite("This is a simple F lite test in english.",any)
;Read a text file from disk and pass it to flite
exten => 1234,n,ReadFile(MYTEXT=/path/myfile,200)
exten => 1234,n,Flite("${MYTEXT}",any)
exten => 1234,n,Hangup()


The Flite module for asterisk is distributed under the GNU General Public License v2


Lefteris Zafiris (


You can get the latest stable version here
If you are running a system with flite 1.3 (RHEL, RHEL clones or fedora based dirstos) get a compatible version from here.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://